About us

The Grain Grocer Cliftonville

Natural Food Store & Cafe

Organic & Thoughtfully Sourced

The Grain Grocer Natural Food Store and Café is born of a passion for quality produce, a love of healthy home-cooked food and a desire to share this with the world!

At the heart of the grain grocer is the promotion of health and vitality, engagement with the community, a focus on the care of our environment and the notion of reusing to reduce our footprint. Some of our store products are refillable and available by the weight, so you can buy as little or as much as you need. We encourage our customers to bring their own containers and offer a 5% reuse discount on dry goods plus there are extra savings available when you buy in bulk.

All our products and produce are thoughtfully sourced. We support farms with organic and local principles. Our aim is to make healthy organic food available and accessible for all, whilst providing information about different ways to use and cook with it too.

To create our wholesome freshly made cafe creations we use all our store ingredients, as well as local organic fruit and vegetables, which are combined to create nourishing bowls of goodness. Our sweet treats are made with healthy twists for invigorating indulgence. We concoct dishes in which the beautiful whole foods can shine!

Our coffees are crafted with love, and the teas blended with calmness and clarity.

Our smoothies and juices are an enlivening combination of fruits, vegetables and super foods that will cleanse as well as energise the body and mind.

Healthy eating has been a life long love of Katherine’s and after years of working in health food shops and cafes, her dream to combine the two has come true with The Grain Grocer Cliftonville! She is a fully qualified Holistic Health Coach and runs the Grain Grocer with her musician husband Charlie.

The Grain Grocer is a high vibe space that is welcoming for all to come and share their knowledge, be inspired and gain ever more ideas for nourishing their bodies and lives.